In a world where online transactions have become the norm, some organisations may choose to only offer direct debit sign-up via online methods. Other methods such as telephone sign-up can be overlooked or considered unnecessary. Taking Direct Debit sign-up over the telephone however offers lots of advantages – whether it is the only sign-up approach used or if its used as an additional Direct Debit sign-up method.

Direct Debit Sign-up over the Telephone Eliminates Paperwork and Delay

Offering telephone sign-up allows organisations to benefit from many of the advantages of Paperless Direct Debit. Compared to a paper Direct Debit sign-up for example, it can eliminate paperwork, speed-up the overall process and reduce admin costs.  This is also true of other Paperless Direct Debit methods such as online sign-up or electronic document signature, BUT, unlike some other methods, telephone sign-up offers the opportunity for a personal interaction.

Building Customer Relationships

One of the key benefits of signing new direct debit payers up via the telephone is the ability to provide a personalised customer experience. Unlike online forms for example, which can feel impersonal, speaking with a human can start to develop the customer relationship. This personal touch can be especially valuable when dealing with financial matters, instilling confidence in customers.

Answering Questions and Providing Reassurance

When customers have questions or concerns during the sign-up process, the telephone operator can address these. They ‘guide’ the customer through the Direct Debit sign-up process using a pre-approved script. This ensures compliance with the Bacs “Service Users Guide and Rules to the Direct Debit Scheme”. The telephone operator can also answer questions and provide reassurance in real-time, preventing potential roadblocks to the process. Offering guidance at the timepoint it is required, will ensure a smooth customer experience; can leave a positive impression and build trust. In comparison, if a payer has a question during an online sign-up, they may be unable or unwilling to progress until it is resolved – often delaying the process.

Explaining the Direct Debit Process

Telephone sign-up allows businesses to thoroughly explain the direct debit arrangement. This ensures that payers fully understand the payment schedule, amounts, and any associated information. Providing clear and detailed information in this way, reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings or disputes in the future.

Complying with Direct Debit KYC requirements

In an era where data security is paramount, telephone sign-up can offer an added layer of protection. Representatives can verify the identity of the customer with a range of different, pre-approved questions, tailored to the situation. If an existing customer is unable to answer one question to verify their identity for example, the telephone operator can ask a different one. This can reduce the risk of fraudulent sign-ups or unauthorized changes to payment details.

Telephone Sign-up can Reach More Customers

While many people are comfortable with online processes, not everyone is tech-savvy or inclined to use digital channels. Some individuals may be more comfortable signing up for direct debit when they can speak directly to a representative. Offering telephone sign-up accommodates a broader customer base, including older individuals or those with limited internet access. By providing a telephone sign-up option, businesses can reach a more diverse audience who are not active on-line. It also allows the sign-up of individuals if they call in to the organisation with questions and can therefore work alongside offering other sign-up methods such as online sign-up or sign-up via a paper Direct Debit Instruction.

Quick and Easy to Implement

Telephone sign-up is relatively quick and easy to implement. Unlike online sign-up options for example, it doesn’t necessarily require any software development. You just need a script for an operator to read and a willing team member!

Remember, each Direct Debit sign-up method needs to be approved by your sponsoring bank. Even if you already have approval for online sign-up, you will need to separately gain approval for telephone sign-up. As part of this, you will need to ensure that your telephone script and documentation is reviewed and agreed by your Sponsor. We can help with providing templates and developing documentation, as well as helping to train your customer care teams.

In Conclusion

In an era dominated by online convenience, offering direct debit sign-up over the telephone remains a relevant and valuable option for businesses. Telephone sign-up provides a human touch, immediate issue resolution and opportunities for ongoing engagement. It ensures that everyone, regardless of their tech proficiency, can sign-up to the advantages of direct debit. In essence, it’s a reminder that in our digital age, the human element still holds immense value.

Still have questions?

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