Bacs Approved Bureau

Movimo is approved to deliver Bacs bureau services to organisations of all sizes and types. We take responsibility for submitting Bacs transactions on behalf of Service Users with their own Service User Number, (a unique 6-digit identifier that is issued by your sponsoring bank when you are approved to collect Direct Debits).

We provide outstanding support and will ensure your collections run smoothly, efficiently and in compliance with Bacs scheme rules.

Movimo are subject to a rigorous approval process to maintain our status as a Bacs Approved Bureau. This involves a thorough audit by Bacs of systems, processes, understanding of scheme rules, IT set-up and contingency plans. The approved stamp gives Service Users reassurance that Movimo is successfully operating to the standards required by Bacs and the Direct Debit scheme. In addition, the team at Movimo have been managing Direct Debit Bureau for years and look forward to speaking with you about how we could support your organisation.

Reasons to use Movimo’s Bacs Bureau Services


As an accredited Bacs training provider we ensure compliance with Bacs scheme rules

Exceptional Service

Dedicated and caring professionals that work as part of your team

Peace of Mind

Secure, encrypted & resilient processes with built-in contingencies and back-ups

Cost effective

Affordable and transparent pricing and no expensive software


No forced software upgrades; migrations or on-going maintenance

Saves Time

Quick to set-up and reduces administration around submissions


Scale Direct Debit operations up or down as needed. Use everyday or as needed

Smartcard free

No need for Smartcards to submit so no concerns regarding their loss or damage

A Tailored Service

We work with you to identify existing software and systems – and the key needs driving your business into the future. With full support from our team we will help you throughout the transition to using Movimo. Our focus will always be on ensuring that collections are unaffected. We can work with your existing file formats without you needing to make amendments or changes and we ensure that your files are submitted to Bacs with the minimum of fuss.

Secure Submission of Payment Files

We provide a secure communication channel to enable your organisation to securely upload your Bacs files to us. We work with many leading database providers and can accept payment instructions, Bacs Direct Credit files and Bacs Direct Debit payments in lots of different file formats. Once received, the Movimo Bacs Approved Bureau team take responsibility for ensuring these files are submitted to Bacs on your behalf.

Daily Provision of Bacs Reports

All Bacs Reports will be accessed and delivered to you via a secure channel on a daily basis. This means you don’t have to log in to Payment Services website or your software to retrieve these reports directly.  ARUDD, ADDACS, Input, AUDDIS and other reports will be delivered each morning – in the format you find most useful (e.g. html or xml).  And should you have any questions about the contents, our Bacs Accredited trainers will help answer these.

Support from a Team you can rely on

What sets us apart is the service you can expect to receive. We take full responsibility for making everything work as smoothly as possible and support you throughout.  Our team have owned and worked with Bacs bureaux, software providers, banks and for Bacs over a period of many years. We know the Bacs Direct Debit rules inside out. We have developed the Bacs Accredited training courses that we run and have helped hundreds of Service Users to get the most from the Direct Debit Scheme. The team are here to help you, whatever your query or situation.

Bacs Bureau for Contingency

Bacs are keen for ALL Service Users to have effective contingency plans. For Service Users that submit to Bacs using Approved Software, Bacs recommend linking to a Bureau for contingency purposes. This is to ensure that Direct Debit collections are unaffected in case of system errors.

We recommend that all users have a relationship set up with a bureau that can submit on your behalf if needed

Bacstel-IP Service Guide

Section 2.3.3. Contingency Planning

For Service Users using their own software, linking to a bureau for contingency reasons can ensure an alternative submission method that mitigates the risks of being unable to process. These include the potentially significant business implications e.g. for cashflow, when expected income is not received, and the negative impact upon company image. The associated costs of rectifying such problems can be significant. 


All Bacs transactions operate on the Bacs 3-day cycle. This is true whether you are lodging an instruction, making a payment via Bacs Direct Credit or collecting a Direct Debit. It works as follows:

  • Day 1. Input Day. The file is transmitted electronically to Bacs.
  • Day 2. Processing Day. Accepted data is processed by Bacs.
  • Day 3. Entry Day. If valid, the transaction occurs i.e. Instructions are lodged / payments made.

You can read more about the Bacs cycle in our blog.

No. Bacs transactions can only be processed on business days (Monday to Friday). Bank holidays and weekends are non-processing days. Transactions can be sent to Bacs between 07.00 a.m. and 22.30 p.m.

Costs for using the Bacs Approved Bureau service depend on a number of factors. These include:

  • the number of Service User Numbers (SUNs) you wish to process for,
  • the volume of transactions,
  • whether you wish to use the service as your main submission option or as a contingency / back-up to software.

If you wish to obtain a specific quote, please contact us for a no obligation quote.

Bacs services are a sponsored service. This means that only organisations approved to do so can make Bacs transactions. Organisations wishing to collect money via Direct Debit or make payments via Bacs Direct Credit should contact their bank. The bank will assess the organisation e.g. according to financial stability, turnover and administrative processes etc. If the bank is willing to provide sponsorship, they will issue a Service User Number (SUN) to allow the organisation to make Direct Debit collections or Bacs Direct Credit transactions. If the bank is unwilling to provide sponsorship the organisation can consider Facilities Management – where a third party collects the Direct Debit on their behalf.

The Direct Debit Guarantee reassures payers that if an error is made in their Direct Debit (either by the collecting organisation or by the payers bank), they will be entitled to an immediate refund. Further, it advises that this refund will be provided to the payer by their bank. You can read more about the Direct Debit Guarantee on our blog.

There are key differences between Direct Debits and Standing Orders

  • A direct debit is a type of bank-to-bank payment. It is unique as the only payment method that is ‘pulled’ rather than ‘pushed’. This means that the organisation looking to receive the funds initiates the payment. First they must take the payers authority to collect funds from their account. Once they have done this and lodged the authority, the organisation determine the amount and the date of the collection. The organisation then initiates the transaction to ‘pull’ payment from the payer. Payers (those having funds removed from their bank account) have protections in place. They must be given Advance Notice before a payments is taken and they have the reassurance provided by the Direct Debit Guarantee.
  • A Standing Order in comparison, is an instruction that a customer gives to their bank. The customer states a set amount which will be paid to a specific recipient on a predetermined date or at regular intervals.

If your organisation is trying to assess the best way to collect money, e.g. by Direct Debit or a Standing Order, you can read more on our blog.

It is very quick and easy to start using the Movimo Bacs Approved Bureau. We will discuss the service with you, review your specific needs and agree the offering. Once a contract is signed we will create a secure channel to enable you to send and receive Bacs files securely. We will then create your Bacs profile and undertake testing before moving you to live users of the service. We will work with your timeline but can have you up and running in a matter of days. You can contact us for a no obligation quote and further information.

The Direct Debit mandate is the term some use to refer to the Direct Debit Instruction (DDI).

The Direct Debit Instruction (DDI) is the way that the payer (the owner of a bank account) gives their authority for an organisation (service user) to collect Direct Debits from their account. Authority can be given via a paper Direct Debit Instruction that the Payer signs and returns. Alternatively it could be given via Paperless Direct Debit (PDD) sign-up methods. These include via the telephone, face-to-face, electronic document signature and the internet. You can read more about the Direct Debit Instruction in our blog.

The Direct Debit amount can change for each collection as required. The payer must be given Advance Notice of the amount and date of the Direct Debit in line with the agreed Advance Notice period.

There are various reasons why Direct Debits might be unsuccessful. (You can read more about preventing these in our resources section). The good news is that Bacs generate reports to provide information about why transactions have not been successful. This can help inform the most appropriate next actions to take.