AUDDIS stands for Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service. It is the automated way in which Direct Debits can be set up. It is also the first step towards taking online payments (Paperless Direct Debits or PDD) as it removes the requirement to post signed paper mandates (Instructions) to the bank. You can read more about AUDDIS on our website. Most organisations that collect via Bacs already use AUDDIS but for those that don’t, you may wish to consider an AUDDIS Migration. The good news is that we can help get you migrated.

AUDDIS Migration

AUDDIS migration has to be undertaken if your organisation already collects Bacs payments but wishes to automate the process. This is where you move your existing paper-based Direct Debit sign-up approach over to being automated.  The process is technical and usually only undertaken once per organisation. It can be complicated to navigate. It has its own hefty documentation to digest and will require lots of learning to complete. If you have the administrative resources (and a strong grasp of the technical elements of Bacs), then this could be managed internally. The first step is to contact your bank and ask for the application forms. They will then provide you with a link to download the 57 page guide to AUDDIS migrations! Alternatively, you can contact us. We have managed numerous AUDDIS migrations and can ensure a speedy and smooth project.

Will AUDDIS become mandatory?

It may become mandatory at some point in the future but no decision has currently been taken to make it mandatory. The paper based process is more difficult for the organisations that collect however. It’s also more complicated for the banks that have to process the Direct Debit Instructions. It makes sense to move away from it eventually. There may be an interim solution or alternative electronic method for smaller organisations coming down the line. We have made some suggestions for how this might work. We have been in conversation with Bacs/ Pay.UK about making it easier for smaller users.

Do we need assistance with an AUDDIS Migration?

Our experience tells us that organisations find it much more challenging than they thought they were going to. It can fairly puzzling just to try and get the AUDDIS application forms completed and any errors can lead to extra delay and cost. AUDDIS requires you to submit different transaction codes in your files to Bacs. It may be that changes are needed in your CRM or finance software.

These mini projects only need to be completed once so it may be simpler to get someone who has the relevant expertise to help. It  will almost certainly make it less painful and time consuming.

Our initial approach is to have a short discussion with you. It costs nothing and will allow us to ensure that you would benefit from the changes. Depending on your in house systems and expertise we will then guide you on the best approach. If you would like to see how your organisation might benefit then get in contact and we can get your project underway.

Still Got Questions?

If you have questions about AUDDIS Migration, please get in touch – we are here to help!