Practical Direct Direct Help and Information

This section is to help you understand more about bank payments and how they work. We provide lots of knowledge and support directly through our training and consultancy. You may prefer to search around these pages for an answer to your questions or just to improve your overall knowledge. If you can’t find exactly what you are after or would like Direct Debit help and Information, then please get in touch.

What is a Direct Debit?

The definition of a Bacs and SEPA Direct Debit with details about how you can start collecting these payments

Bacs Cycle and Processing Calendar

Understanding the Bacs Cycle and when files should be submitted to Bacs will ensure you collect your Direct Debits on time


An overview of the Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service

Online / Paperless Direct Debits

An overview of how to collect online Direct Debits by implementing Paperless Direct Debit (PDD)

Avoiding Failed Direct Debits and Unpaid Items

How to improve Direct Debit Collection rates - and therefore cashflow!

Bulk Changes

Updating information such as company name, references and legal status held against Direct Debit Instructions

Bacs Reports

Maintaining the health of your Direct Debit Sign-up and Collection Information

Still Got Questions?

Get in touch for independent and practical help and information about all your Bacs Direct Debit and Direct Credit queries