AUDDIS Report - Advice of Returned Direct Debit Instructions

Report Contains

The AUDDIS report contains details of rejected and/or returned Direct Debit Instructions (DDIs). Knowing that DDIs have not been successfully set up means that you have a chance to action the reason for failure before you attempt to take a collection from the account. 

When available?

After each submission of AUDDIS information

Benefits of Actioning

Ensuring that the DDI is successfully set up before attempting to collect money from an account will ensure a greater success rate for your collections. If the DDI initially fails its important to know if you can resubmit the DDI – or if it will always be unsuccessful. This could occur for example if the account does not support Direct Debits.

Note: If you do not operate an AUDDIS system then you would post DDIs to the bank and would not know about any failures in advance of attempting a collection – meaning more collections could initially fail.

Your Responsibilities

Access the report from the Payment Services website and/or via your Bacs software and/or via your Bureau. Action the contents within 3 working days.

Typical Reason Codes
  • 0 – Instruction cancelled – Refer to payer
  • 1 – Instruction cancelled by payer
  • 2 – Payer deceased 
  • 3 – Account transferred to another PSP (Bank) 
  • B – Account Closed
  • D – Advance Notice disputed

There are other less frequently seen codes within the report and the action that you need to take varies depending on the information being provided. Promptly actioning the report will ensure you have a greater successful collection rate for your Direct Debits. This means a more secure and known cashflow and less chance of customer dissatisfaction. There will also be less reconciliation to do on monies outstanding.

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