Contact centre teams are often the face (and voice) of the company. Their interactions with customers can influence whether there’s a long-standing and positive relationship or a negative and short-lived exchange. If your Contact Centre teams are responsible for new Direct Debit sign-ups or answering customer queries about payments, ensure they have the knowledge to best represent you. Our Direct Debit training for Contact Centres will give your team the skills to be effective and compliant with the Bacs scheme rules. 

Empower your customer-facing teams

Effective training can have a positive impact upon the team, the organisations image, the uptake of Direct Debit and the retention of payers. There are multiple benefits – here are just a few:

Improve the Customer Experience

Whether your team take Direct Debit sign-ups over the phone; deal with completed Direct Debit Instructions;  support customers with telephone or face-to-face enquiries; deal with complaints; resolve requests for refunds; distribute new membership packs and confirmation details – or any one of multiple other possible tasks – our Direct Debit training for Contact Centres can help.

"Thank you so much for the session and help afterwards.  Really appreciate it and these notes will prove really useful – I’ve spent the afternoon getting quite excited about delving in to what we do and how we can improve it for the supporter (and our income). Thanks again, so helpful to have had this session."

Karen R

- February 2024

Flexible and Trusted Options

There is always something to learn!
You can book one of our standard sessions. Alternatively, why not ask about our bespoke Direct Debit training for Contact Centres where we tailor the sessions to your processes. We can incorporate your documents (e.g. your telephone script; Direct Debit Instruction or Advance Notice letter) and use your collections timetables and dates.

Instructor-led remote sessions

These 2 hour, focussed sessions are delivered remotely via Zoom. Highly interactive, they are suitable for groups of up to 14 who are based in different locations.

Face-to-face Sessions

One, two or three face-to-face sessions can be delivered per day to groups of up to 14 people. These can be held at your offices or a convenient location, at times to suit your team.

Keeping Skills Sharp and Up-to-Date

Our courses focus on the information that teams need to know to effectively manage their part in the Direct Debit process. Course content includes:

  • Direct Debit terminology and key concepts that underpin the Direct Debit scheme
  • The benefits of using Direct Debit for both payers and the collecting organisation
  • Taking payer authority  (both paper and paperless sign-up methods)
  • Lodgement (timelines and requirements)
  • Collections, including Advance Notice responsibilities
  • Indemnity Claims and the Direct Debit Guarantee
  • Customer support – scenarios, documentation and resolutions.

A Focus on Quality

For New Starters

To help staff generate the best possible company image, first-time and every-time.

As a refresher

Keeping staff up-to-date will ensure your processes remain compliant and streamlined.

When Processes Change

Ensure that the quality of the payers experience is maintained, despite changes.

Also interested in our in-depth training options?

Why not combine Direct Debit training for contact centre teams with our one-day, Bacs Accredited Direct Debit training course for those staff members who need an in-depth understanding. Courses can be run on the same or consecutive days. Contact us to discuss the options.