If you collect Direct Debits using your own Service User Number, you should be actioning your Bacs reports.  These reports, generated by Bacs, will provide you with relevant information about your Direct Debit Instructions and your Direct Debit Collections. It is the responsibility of all Service Users to action this information “immediately or within 3 working days” (The Service User’s Guide and Rules to the Direct Debit Scheme). Staying up-to-date with these reports is also important to ensure the smooth running of your operations and to help you achieve the highest possible success rate with your collections. 

Available Bacs Reports

There are a range of Reports or ‘Advices’ created by Bacs. They will tell you about..

  • failed collections and give you reasons why the failures occurred. This means that you know what actions to take to prevent future failures.
  • changes to your Payers information such as change of bank details or name. Updating your records will ensure you are using correct details going forwards and help prevent failures.
  • if new Direct Debit Instructions cannot be set-up for any reason.

Below are details of the 3 key reports that all Service Users should access and action.


Advice of Direct Debit Amendments & Cancellations Report.

ARUDD Report

Advice of Returned Unpaid Direct Debit Report.


Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service Report


Accessing your Bacs Reports

Service Users can access their reports either via the Payment Services website, via their bureau or via their Bacstel-IP software. They are available from Bacs in .xml format (to update systems) and also in .html format (for easier reading).

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