ARUDD - Advice of Unpaid Direct Debit report

Report Contains

The ARUDD report contains information on Direct Debit collections that were attempted but which were unsuccessful / not collected. It will tell you the reason why the collection failed and what you should do next.

When available?

The report will be available 1 or 2 days after your collection dateInitially it will appear that the Direct Debit was successfully collected and the money will be credited to your account, but after 3 working days the money will be debited from your account. 

Benefits of Actioning

When Direct Debits fail there is work to be done to understand which Direct Debit has failed to successfully collect and why. This reconcilliation can be challenging. Actioning your ARUDD report will ensure that you understand why the DIrect Debit has failed. In turn this will inform you as to the correct next action. 

If there is a chance that a second collection attempt could be successful, it is possible to represent the Direct Debit. This might be the case if you receive a reason code 0 for example (refer to payer). If the payer has cancelled the Direct Debit however (reason code 1), it would be pointless to attempt to collect the Direct Debit again. If  the Direct Debit failed because the payer has disputed the amount or date (reason code 7 or 8) it would be important to resolve the issue before attempting any further collections in order to maintain customer satisfaction. 

Your Responsibilities

Access the report from the Payment Services website and/or via your Bacs software and/or via your Bureau. Action the contents within 3 working days.

Typical Reason Codes
  • 0 – Refer to payer
  • 1 – Instruction cancelled 
  • 2 – Payer deceased 
  • 3 – Account transferred to another PSP (Bank) 
  • 4 – Advance Notice Disputed
  • 5 – No Account
  • 6 – No Instruction 
  • 7 – Amount Differs
  • 8 – Amount Not Yet Due

There are other less frequently seen codes within the report and the action that you need to take varies depending on the information being provided. Promptly actioning the report will ensure you have greater success and a better collection rate for your Direct Debits. This means a more secure and known cashflow and less chance of customer dissatisfaction. There will also be less reconciliation to do on monies outstanding.

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