Direct Debit Audits and Process Reviews are the ideal starting point to understand your compliance, security and efficiency when it comes to taking payments. 

If you are considering new CRM or finance software; want to grow your volumes; train new staff or reduce failed payments then you should plan an audit as part of your project management. A thorough Process Review will ensure you best understand the strengths and weaknesses of the existing set-up and how improvements can be made.

We can help! We offer a range of packages. These vary from running a couple of online workshops to a full ‘root and branch review’ with a written report.

What to expect from a Direct Debit Audit and Process Review

Our approach is to explore the full end-to-end process. Typically this follows the customer journey from the moment they decide to buy a product, pay you for services, make a donation or sign up for a subscription. What influences the payment method they choose? What is the best frequency, amount and method of payment for you and for them?

We then look at the flow of that information through your internal systems and processes. Are you complying with scheme rules? Could things work better to allow more complete collections first time around? How can we reduce the admin time taken or help you get paid more quickly?

A key focus area is to look at the risk in the processes that you use. That could be risk to you or to your customers. We then explore the contingencies and failovers you have in place. We look at how you will ensure business continuity and avoid the most common data issues.

Some of the projects we have worked on have uncovered huge savings with relatively minor changes. It may be that your teams will just feel much more confident that you are already getting many things right. A Direct Debit Process Review and Audit will be the best way to find out.

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